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Updates - 2019/03/16

It's been quite a while since I've provided an update. I stopped playing for quite a few years but back to playing on a casual basis and found the site needed quite a bit of an update. Many of the SOE (errr...DBG) Data Feed information has been pulled from the searches. When I get time to go back to scripting those out, I'll consider adding them back in.

It would be great to get folks to contribute to adding drop locations to the database. This can only be done by downloading and installing the EQ2LLinks application found on the left under the Download link. The latest expansions are missing a lot of data and other sites don't seem to be keeping up with drop locations. Is Zam even updating any longer?

New Beta Search - 2012/06/01

On the left, you'll now see a new beta search link, Search (Beta 2). This new search is starting to utilize more of the SOE Data Feeds and caching that information locally for use. You'll now see the tier of the item listed in the searches which I have already found very helpful when searching zones or mobs for their loot tables and trying to distinguish between trash loot or real item drops.

Please note, this is still very much in its beta stages. The biggest challenge right now is actually weeding out all the old items that don't exist in the game any longer like the Apprentice, Adept and Expert spells that were converted during the big spell update in GU52. I'm starting to mark items on the back end as hidden when something is searched for that doesn't exist in the data feeds so although you might be able to search for it once, you might not be able to search for it again. As more things are searched for, the more this should start to filter out the non-existent stuff.

Feedback on this is completely welcome. If you have something you'd like to see in the searches (i.e. distinguishment between spells scrolls, weapons, armor....etc) please shoot me an email at webmaster@eq2llinks.com.

Small Upates - 2012/05/19

Zone List - I've started building a list of zones with quick links to search for items that drop in that zone. I've tried breaking this out by expansion and by zone type. For some of the raid zones, I've started also providing links to the named mobs in those zones. See the Zone List link to the left to check it out.

Item View - In my playing with the SOE data feeds I've found that it will take a pretty major overhaul of the site and database to get items to show stats like what you can find on the EQ2U site. So, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, I'm just going to use what's available. On every item page, you'll now see a link to EQ2U that should go to the correct item. If you find links are going to the wrong place, please email me at webmaster@eq2llinks.com with a link to the item here on the site and I'll take a look.

SOE Data Feeds - 2012/03/02

For the past couple of months, SOE has been allowing developers access to the famous data feeds for EQ2 players, items, spells, guilds...etc. EQ2Wire has put together an incredible display of how to use this information over at their EQ2U site. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

Slowly, in between work and picking up raiding again with a new guild, I've started to dabble with the SOE Data Feeds as well. Below is a link to a small example of what I plan to continue to add to the site as time allows. This is a list of all the red slot DoV War Runes that have been imported into the EQ2LLinks database. There are a few missing that my database hasn't seen yet so if you do have in-game links for the missing items, please use the parse tool to scan your logs and get them imported.

DoV War Runes

Age of Discovery - 2011/12/08

The latest expansion from SOE is now live. There are plenty of new items that are being released and it'd be great to see them in the database with drop information. Below are a couple custom searches for those of you looking for where the Design Your Own Dungeon mobs, weapon effect Essences and the new tradeskill components for the recipes obtained from the Tradeskill Apprentices are dropping from:

AoD Tradeskill Components
Reforge Essences

RSS Feed - 2011/01/08

I know it's not a big update but the RSS feed has been modified to including a bit more information on the new items being added to the database. Add the RSS feed to your favorite reader and get updates any time new items are added.

100k Served - 2010/02/26

EQ2LLinks.com has hit a new milestone recently. Through everyone's submissions we have hit 100,000 items in our database. The lucky winning item happens to be the Assistant Researcher's Notes, Vol. 1, Halls of Eru. Thanks to all for their updates!

Spell Update - 2009/08/04

Good news! Kiara has worked some magic within the SOE building and pryed some needed information out of the hands of the developers and has given me a list of all the new spell names and a matching list of all the old spell names. I will be working on a method of being able to update the database to carry over all the drop information from the old spells to the new spells. This will also allow me to import all the new spell names into the database of which many are missing.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get the in-game links for all the new spells quite yet. From what I understand, the people that have this information readily available through a database query or already in a spreadsheet don't want to give it up. The only other methods I have at this point is to have Kiara spend countless hours generating this information on her own (which I can't ask her to do) or doing broker searches until my fingers are numb and bleeding. A final method and the least painful method would be to use the logfiles from all the players within the game and have each person update the database through the use of the EQ2LLinks Parser. This method is the most community oriented method and would be the most preferred. So if you use this site and find the information available very helpful join in on the fun of updating it too. It's very easy and doesn't take long at all. Just download the EQ2LLinks Parser, install the application and pick the files you want to parse.

Spell Update - 2009/07/21

I know it's been over a month since I've updated this page in regards to the spell changes that were made back in GU52. For those of you that have been parsing your logfiles and submitting the information, thank you. It has been a help and the database is getting larger. Unfortunately, there are many more spells than what's been put into the database so far and the drop locations of these spells obviously isn't nearly as thorough as it was before GU52.

I submitted a request to SOE a month ago to get me in touch with someone on their development staff to see if I can get a comparitive list of all the old spell names and the new spell names so I can match them up in the database and do my best to try to carry over the drop information. You'd think this would be a simple spreadsheet that someone probably already has but so far my request just to speak to someone has fallen to the side of the people that feel on the Class Survivor thread is more important than actually managing community relations. It's been a bit of a disappointment and its frustrating. I have high hopes for this website and many probjects in my head that I'd like to implement into this site but major changes like this to the game and the huge lack of support from the people that make the changes yet pride themselves in great community support is not what I would've expected. Hopefully this little public note will at least get me an email over at webmaster@eq2llinks.com with something along the lines of "Hey, just because you're not ZAM doesn't mean we don't care about you."

GU52 - 2009/06/16

This is my first major update since taking over the site that has caused a large change to the names of items in the game. Every spell has been renamed and it has caused all links to not work any longer. I don't want to lose any of the drop information so I hope to come up with a solution to merge new links with the old links. I have a possible solution but it is going to require a lot of new data to be dropped into the database. So, if you have the opportunity to download the EQ2LLinks parser and scan you logs, please do so. Getting as many new links into the database will greatly speed up this process.

Under New Management - 2009/05/31

Hey Everyone. Johnathon has graciously allowed me to continue hosting EQ2LLinks and continue on with the development of the site and application. I will be migrating the site to new hosting during the next few days so I would appreciate your patience in case there there are any interruptions to the site. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at webmaster@eq2llinks.com.

Update 2009/06/01
The migration was completed yesterday evening and the DNS should have made its way throughout the internet by now. Any parser updates that were made from yesterday around 4PM EST through this morning may not have gone to the correct database. If you want to parse your logfiles again and submit the content it should go to the correct database now.

More to come soon including an introduction to myself. I'm excited to have taken over this great project from Johnathon and I'm looking forward to continuing it forward and making some enhancements.