Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic]

New Bulwark trigger

<Trigger R="unleash a barrage of attacks!" SD="Cast bulwark bulwark" ST="3" CR="F" T="T" Ta="F" />

Named #1 - The Iron Widow

  • Pull the mob off of the platform and kill it!

    Named #2 - Novictus the Unleashed

  • Tank in front, grp stand to the side of mob..
  • Cure the cures

    Named #3 - Dread Lady Vezarra

  • Move out of the bullseyes and cages
  • Cure the curse

    Named #4 - Chief Babagoosh

  • Kill it

    Named #5 - Evisceraptor

  • Pull mob
  • Kill Sickleclaw when it spawns
  • Cure curse if your dont kill sickle fast enough

    Named #6 - Korvisaur (Beastmaster Xerin)

  • Kill Korvisaur first by pulling him into the bullseyes on the ground
  • When he gets hit by the rock he will fall down and you can kill him he has massive damage reduction before then
  • Second kill Lord Commander Izeroth, just simple burn
  • Third kill Beastmaster Xerin
  • Mage etc can kill Beastmaster from the start while the rest of the grp handles the other two

    Named #7 - Pyreduke Surtaug

  • Kill it ( has never lived long enough to do anything )

    Named #8 - Onakoome

  • Kill it ( has never lived long enough to do anything)

    Named #9 - Galadoon

  • Person gets ported into a cage and uncureable curse placed on them
  • At the same time soneone else gets a cureable curse....
  • Person with cureable curse has to run to the person in the cage then get curse cured to save them
  • Curse is % based so dps semi slow ish? or burn like hell and say what?
  • Named will begin spinning and do a cyclone of damage around him and go immune
  • everyone needs to hug the mob and kill adds on top of the mob disrupting him allowing him to take damage again


    Named #10 - Hortu the Scorched

  • Tank mob where he stands.
  • Dps slow, kill 2 orange adds when they spawn.
  • This will spawn 2 orange octogons one on the far side of each platform
  • At aprox 40% a blue add will spawn off to the side...
  • You will then need a person to go into each of the octagons
  • Doing so will spawn a floating carpet by the blue add
  • Someone then can jump onto said carpet and attack the add
  • Once 1 person has attacked the add everyone can..
  • Once person is back on platform get out of octagon..
  • DPS named untill about 20% when blue add spawns again
  • Rinse repeat...

    Hortu blue mob trigger: <Trigger R="summons another element of song! " SD="carpets" ST="3" CR="F" C="Solusek&apos;s Eye: The Calling [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

    Named #11 - Ayquini the Firemind & Scorion

  • Kill add and named ( I prefer focus on add)
  • Add will split 3 times each time into 3 ? adds around the room
  • Kill those 3 then damage Scorion more untill it splits again
  • After the 3rd splits adds are dead Scorion is killable and so is the named.

    Named #12 - Lord Kargurak

  • Kill named ( dont burn too crazy)
  • At 75%, 50% and 25% dopplegangers of players will be placed on pedestal
  • Each player has to go to the pedestal with their clone on it, click and then type in their named

    Named #13 - Qaaron the Usurper

  • By far the hardest named in the zone, is supposedly getting toned back for live!
  • Pick out 1 healer (or spiritual BL or anyone else who can heal themselves and someone else) and pick out someone to go with them
  • Then pick out 2nd healer and your tank
  • These 4 people will have to click lamps, like geenie lamps
  • Named is rooted 99% of the time randomly moves and says in purple text where he is moving to
  • Pull named dps slowish untill first lamp spawns out over the lava
  • On the cliff side there will be 2 fire pits, go stand inbetween those 2 pits on the side where the lamp spawned
  • Adds will spawn Giant and fire rock ( burning manifestation )... DO NOT KILL THE FIRE ROCK UNTILL IT IS INBETWEEN THE 2 FIRE PITS
  • Once the burning rock is killed inbetween the 2 fire pits 2 fire bridges will spawn that go out to the lamp
  • There are 4 fire pits and 4 lamp spawn locations
  • Once the first 2 fire pits are lit the 2 persons doing the clicking will go out on the bridges
  • 1 person on each bridge. first person will click the lamp
  • Doing so removes a buff from the named and puts an arcane on that person rooting them..
  • DO NOT CURE the arcane or the mob gets the buff back
  • Once the first 2 bridges are built the other 4 people in the grp go to the other side where the other 2 fire pits are and stack up inbetween the 2 fire pits, new manifestation and giant add will spawn unsure if % based or time
  • Kill this fire add then have tank and other 2 grp members move to the first lamp that spawns on that side once the bridges are made
  • Have the healer or mage dps go out on the other bridge to be able to click the 4th lamp when it spawns...
  • In the end you will have 4 people at 4 diff lamps all rooted in their location with the arcane on them
  • Burn the named at that point and win!

    Qaaron person he is moving to trigger : ( it is the location of that person at that time ) <Trigger R="(?&lt;name&gt;[a-zA-Z]+'s| Your) location is Qaaron" SD="${name}" ST="3" CR="F" C="Solusek&apos;s Eye: The Calling [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

    Named #14 - Scald

  • Burn named
  • Move away from big bolders before they explode they have a timer on them ( 20meters )
  • Cure the elementals, multiple cures required
  • Kill adds when they spawn
  • Cure the right curse!
  • All members of the grp get a curse on them. Curing the right one cures them all...curing a wrong one kills that person
  • Curing none = all die on expiration
  • The person whos curse cure needs cured gets a message "The burning sensation you feel is a warning"
  • Below will be the trigger for this, so if you have the trigger imported and you hear it you call out for your curse to be cured!

    Scald curse cure trigger : <Trigger R="The burning sensation you feel is a warning" SD="Your curse needs cured" ST="3" CR="F" C="Soulsek&apos;s Eye: The Calling [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />