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History - "The quest starts out as the brigand being the standard mercenary, yes! You care only about gold and do not really care how you get it! This of course leads you into the adventure of making money and doing what ever dastardly deeds need to be done. Along the way you will learn of Licent, a once powerful rogue from long past. Licent was a worshipper of Ullkorruuk, The Arch Traitor, The Lady of Insurrection, and The Demigoddess of Treachery! He has hidden his prize weapon, Havoc, in a dimensional pocket and was careful to leave only faint bread crumb trails to find it. Only the one who proves them self worthy to the High Priestess of Ullkorruuk will find the path to unlocking Havoc from its hiding place and learning to make it even more powerful then when Licent himself wielded it. What ensues can only be described as lies, deceit, treachery and murder! You will do what ever it takes to get what you want! You aim to misbehave!" - Kander EQ2 Developer

Heres the video (part 1)

Prerequisites, that must be completed or you will not be able to complete this quest line.
These items can be done independently of the epic.

Your journey begins with murder....
Step Zone Update Located Details
#1 Jarsath Wastes Venri's Crown
A wanted Poster off of a "a iksar insurgent" (Body drop item)
#2 Jarsath Wastes Inventory Inspect A wanted Poster to receive the quest "The Heart of Treachery"
#3 Kunzar Jungle Xenur Rashs
This is a proximity triggered spawn. Bring a Healer or a team of dps to snare kite.
Only one head per kill (small chest drop), so pull farther away to ensure no issues.
Xenur Rashss has ~ 450K hp and hits HARD.
#4 Jarsath Wastes Docks
Speak to Sulvin T. Smalls and then Noolie Drewb
#5 Fens of Nasthar Riliss
Speak to Natoss the Seen , 50,000 Riliss Faction and Sathirian language are required or he will not speak to you.
#6 Fens of Nasthar Near
Find the auto update near a big rock directly across the guard tower.
#7 Fens of Nasthar Near
Kill the caravan which auto-pops near this location, the caravan consists of a level 85 ^^^ (Captain Kailess) heroic and 4 level 85 ^^ (a caravan guard) heroics. This encounter is mezable and snareable and is linked. Collect [a crate of tanned raptor hides]. If you wait for the caravan to reach the entrance, the captain self buffs (zerker buff) and is harder to kill. We found snaring the captain and kiting him makes this encounter doable with one healer and no mezzer
#8 Jarsath Wastes Docks
Turn in the [a crate of tanned raptor hides] to Sulvin T. Smalls and Noolie Drewb.
Interim reward is between 2 and 5ish plat (varies by person)
#9 Loping Plains Village of Somborn
Speak to Madame Dulcine (The Fortune teller)
#10 Multiple Locations Multiple Locations Collect the folowing robes or go through the alternate steps.
Robe of the Oracle (hq) You must complete this HQ!
Raiment of the Skywatcher OR BROKER!
Keeper's Robe of Quiescence OR BROKER!
Garb of Souls OR BROKER!
Start of the alternate Steps for retrieving robes
#10a Steamfront If you want to do the alternate route of collecting robes, you must speak to Melvin Pennysworth in the back of Gnomeland Security Office. If you fail to speak to Melvin, you will be unable to harvest the robes.
#10b Steamfront The ALTERNATE way to get A Tattered Robe of Quiescence is by dropping down to the water tunnels - you want to invis through and hop into the closest pool, it'll take you into the jail area. You'll go straight through there, around the corner, up a ramp through a set of gates - veer to the right from there. You'll take the first left in that room, you'll end up facing a set of stairs into a room with a bunch of sathrians, pathing guards with chokidai and a crypt juggernaut or two. 5-7 min repops on mobs so you need a good group (most mobs see invis till the actual room with the robe). If there's a corner, it's a safe bet there's a mob on the other side of it. In that room, you want to head straight to the back wall and turn to face the room on your right. The robe is in a box on the table directly across from you on the back wall. (Near )
#10c Steamfront The ALTERNATE way to get A Tattered Raiment of the Skywatcher is by going deep into Karnor's Castle and clicking the chest behind Xalgoz at the location specififed.
#10d Chardok The ALTERNATE way to get A Tattered Garb of Souls is to go to the library within Chardok, the path to the library is through the book keeper. The book keeper can be fed 3 books from upper castle area [harvestables] that will bring it to life and it will start opening walls and walking towards the library. Be sure to follow close on his heels and kill the mobs that are wandering down the hall. Once you get to the library there will be 3 floating books and 2 mobs wandering under. BOW SHOT the books and pull them one at a time, they do not call for help and will make body pulling the mobs once they are gone very easy. If you do not bow shot the books, be prepared to tank the entire room. AND NO you can not spell pull at all. The box is on a shelf in the middle of the room.
End of alternate Steps for retrieving robes
#11 Loping Plains Village of Somborn
Return to the Madame Dulcine (The Fortune teller) once you have all 4 robes.
#12 Nektrops Castle #3 Pages and book ground spawns in the castle. Complete the colleciton Our Lady of Betrayal and turn it in to the collection merchant
#13 Nektrops Castle #1 The Chapel
There should be a tablet on the base of the alter . It requires multiple actions to get the npc to spawn. (you have to complete the actions one after the other quickly) Speak to Kirstiana Xaphon to recieve your update.
#14 Chardok Any 80+ heroic Di'Zok You need to collect the following. They are body drops and if you have multiple brigs in group you may be there a while.
#15 Nektrops Castle #1 The Chapel
Speak to the NPC again, You need to click the tablet again to Kirstiana Xaphon to spawn.
#16 Taren's Grasp Any Mailbox Check the mail and get your letter You can use any mailbox, but this is on the way to your next kill =)
Crank Yankers - Special Ed - I've Got Mail Yaaayyy!
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#17 Taren's Grasp Near the Rear
Use track to find the NPC nai . Bring a group to kill this NPC. After you finish his dialog he will attack you. Nai 85^^^ and comes with 3 ^^ adds
Kill to recieve the update.
#18 Vaults Final Boss Kill the named and loot Bag of Licent
#19 Loping Plains Village of Somborn
Return to the Madame Dulcine (The Fortune teller) and complete her dialog.
#20 Skyfire Mountains (aka Jarsath Wastes) Temple of the White Lady
Somewhere near
Take care to kill the ring event near the Temple entrance, otherwise the heroics could pop ya while you are killing named.
You go the the back of the Temple of White Lady and click on the big shard
This summons the encounter near the entrance of the Temple
Kill Parathior (this mob is heroic and this step requires a full group) who comes with 3 ^^ adds (Greed, Lies and Deceit) Loot the Drained Heart Gem
#21 Nektrops Castle #1 The Chapel
Walk into the chapel. A script will start. It will tell you that you have had the power to do it the entire time. Inspect the Drained Heart Gem To recieve Focused Heart Gem . Inspect the Focused heart gem to place it into the Bag of Licent.
#22 Nektrops Castle #1 The Chapel A Floating Bag will be in the middle room, click the bag to Retrieve your reward

Group Reward! (0.5)

Havoc (Fabled) <-- Click for screenshot

Click to see the Raid Portion

Raid Reward (1.0)

Havoc (Mythical) <-- Click for screenshot

Thanks to the brigand community on eq2flames that allowed me to compile all of this information =)
If I listed you all I'd have a really really long list ;)
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