Want to know more about Brigand Brothers ? Who are we ? So ... here's the stuff ;)

Pirate Devastatin Trouble of Tallon Zek Mercenary Leks V`Ghera of Innoruuk
Nickname / Age
John / 30 Alex / 35
City / Country
Michigan / USA Toulouse / France
Server / Guild / Class
Unrest / Revelations / Brigand Mistmoore / Renegade / Brigand
Plays eq2 since
May 2005 ; my old computer didn't handle EQ2 on launch =( Beta
Favorite Class Skill
Ruse, Even more fun at raids =) Double-Up, perfect versatility
Favorite Zone
Sol Eye (the fall is awesome) Felwithe, I mean err ... New Tunaria, great design, beautiful place and architecture. Too bad, only few quests.
Favorite Quote
"I am the darkness inside the light"
(and yeah I made that up all by myself).
"You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."
(from Bullet Tooth Tony in Snatch Movie)
Little speech
I'm a proud father of 3 children. I play to have fun and be the best brig that I can be for my group of friends. And if I see you, more than likely a back stab or clobber is incoming ! No. I don't give a flying fuck about your Master spells, Max Damage or any numerical value that's supposed to define you. GFY.
(that what you can read if you inspect my toon ingame, same bio since day one)